Maureen Cavalieri is your new best friend who won’t just agree with you to make you feel good about yourself but will tell you the truth about what you’re really feeding yourself. She will guide you on making intelligent and educated decisions about food.

Maureen graduated from The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in 2009. She is both completely obsessed with food and loves learning new ways to make old favorites into new healthy delicious meals. Maureen wasn’t always a healthy eater. So eventually, when she did change her ways, she experienced firsthand the difference a healthy diet could make. And the more she learned for herself, the more she wanted to share her knowledge and passion for healthy living.

She decided to set out to teach people about “Healthy Eating for Vibrant Living”: A lifestyle and diet change for busy New Yorkers who want to stop eating junk and start looking fabulous! There is a common misconception that to get healthy you have to give up all your favorite foods. Nothing could be further from the truth. Vibrant Living is the life she lives, and rest assured, she would never maintain it if she felt deprived from the food she loves. Whether it’s shopping for food, talking about food, thinking about food, dreaming about food, cooking food, or eating food, Maureen can’t get enough. Now let her teach you how to live a Vibrant Life so that you can have our cake and eat it too!



Maureen Cavalieri, graduated from Fordham University with a Bachelors in Psychology. After deciding to embark on a career change in 2008 she decided to attend the Natural Gourmet Institute. After graduating in 2009 she interned at IIBuco in Soho, New York City for a few months learning the secrets of Mediterranean cooking. Il Buco is a renowned Mediterranean restaurant that sources ingredients from local farmers.

It has been Maureen’s privilege to be a personal nutritional chef for Donna Karan, Trudie Styler, Sting, and many other well- recognized names. She has traveled around the world and has visited magnificent places, along with working for wonderful people! She is grateful and passionate and is looking forward to many more exciting opportunities!


Maureen’s Cooking Travels

In the last 3 years Maureen has traveled around the country and over seas to Europe to sharpen her culinary skills.

Maureen has taken many classes in Europe, as well as guest cheffed in wonderful restaurants for weeks at a time during the summer. The opportunity to cook with so many seasoned veteran chef’s in the South of Italy was a joyous revelation for the mind, body and soul!

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