What is Detox Your Kitchen?
Nutritional Counseling

Maureen is a Holistic Chef and Health Counselor

Love the body you are in. Through gradual dietary improvements, with an emphasis on whole foods, unprocessed foods, juices, and an alkaline based diet. Maureen guides her clients toward detoxification and transformation. This, she believes, is the true anti-aging and beauty treatment from the inside out.

Maureen loves working with clients of all dietary background. Her emphasis is on natural, alkalizing and cleansing foods, but she encourages gradual transitions and tailors her program to suit each client’s unique needs. You do not have to be raw or vegan to reap the benefits of this program, simply interested in a cleaner and more energized way of eating.

Maureen’s Detox Your Kitchen program involves in-depth consults, personal food-shopping tours, home visits to cleanse your kitchen, cooking classes, easy and delicious recipes, and practical lifestyle advice-with ongoing support through email contact.

If slimming down is your goal, it is easily achievable with this plan. Maureen likes to believe however, that the improvements she offers go far deeper than weight loss: that ubiquitous glow, abundant energy, freedom from common health issues, and a more beautiful lean body.

Private Personal Consultations:

Personal consultations are a way to ensure that you are adapting the cleansing principles correctly to your unique body and health situation. The process is different for everyone, but generally we begin with a thorough assessment of your physical and emotional history and then provide dietary guidance tailored to your unique needs. By the end of the session you will have a precise dietary plan and a much deeper understand of how your body works and how and why specific imbalances/illnesses have manifested in your body. You will have the tools to achieve your goals and know how to restore your body to its natural harmony so you can enjoy a greatly improved life!

Rates for consultations:

Initial Consultation (90 mins- 2hrs) by phone or in-person

Follow-ups (45 mins- 1 hr)

Detox Your Kitchen Package (Consultation with 4 Follow-ups)

Package Includes

In-depth initial consultation:

  • Thorough assessment of your lifestyle, eating habits and health history
  • Advice and a tailored plan for you
  • Notes, recipes, and any other specific information you require
4 Follow-up visits:
  • Home visit: Together we will cleanse your kitchen and pantry.
  • Personal food-shopping outing: We will find better options to re-stock your kitchen, pantry, and learn what to look for on food labels.
  • Cooking class: Private cooking class and recipe ideas to keep you satisfied and inspired.
  • Lunch and learn: We will meet for lunch at your preferred eatery to discuss the best options when eating out.
Throughout this program, you will be continually supported and motivated with lifestyle education, practical tips, and easy recipes for creating a clean and detoxified life. Your questions will be answered as they arise, via phone and email.
Please be advised: Private clients should expect to spend approximately 2 hours with us either over the phone or in person during your initial consultation. You must be on time, please.
Schedule your appointment carefully: Cancellations within 24 hours will not be permitted to reschedule. There are very few opening, so please be courteous to others who need the sessions, and do not make a booking unless you are certain you are truly ready for the work and ready to implement the strategy we design for you. This powerful, life-changing work requires dedication.

Start looking and feeling better today by contacting us to schedule your initial consultation.