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Vibrant Dish Maureen Cavalieri Culinary Concierge NYC Spices_edited.jpg


Maureen frequently uses gastronomy and other science experiments to find new ways of making food, and incorporates old techniques that have been forgotten. She regularly uses farm to table, seasonal ingredients ethically sourced from local farms.


Experience Studies:

Developing an herb garden, chicken coop, bee hive, and other forms of gardening and home grown vegetables and fruits allowed Maureen to respect and understand how long it takes for food to grow. This also allows Maureen to understand what it fully takes to keep things alive and appreciate the greens she cooks with while also diminishing waste that so many are used to using while cooking. Going grocery shopping off a boat in private islands pushed Maureen's innovative cooking process to learn how to be flexible and create healthy options with limited ingredients. Maureen’s first internship had her butcher pigs and break them down along with having to find ways of using the entire pig. This experience pushed her to understand how to use an entire animal without wasting parts. On Maureen’s travels each summer she works with different chefs - classically trained, sometimes trained by their families. These experiences allow her to learn Mediterranean and Euro fusion cooking techniques.

Maureen’s Mantra:

Not one size fits all, something that you could easily fix or heal for one doesn't mean it will work for others. Maureen worked with clients' belief systems and had to experiment and work around the dairy and meat issues facing America. She constantly asked herself how do we get away from using hormones or processed dairy products to having a healthy balanced diet. Health compromised bodies tend to think it's a punishment to change the way they eat but it does need to be. Food is very much our medicine and can solve issues so many are unaware of. Our gut has to have a healthy biome. Our energy comes from what we eat.

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