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Sorrento Cooking School:

Location: Sorrento at the Alexia House Studying with Chef Lucia

This cooking class really blew me away. This location is a must for any culinary level. I was welcomed by a warm atmosphere that is a family run school. Lucia is the teacher and her sister and a few others work to provide the students with an unbelievable cooking class. Everything I prepared was either produce grown on the property or local produce. The class was small and I was able to really work on my techniques and learn really great new recipes.

Some of the dishes I learned: Stuffed Zucchini Flowers, Squid & Potatoes, Assorted types of Pasta & Sauces, Sardine recipes, Rolled Peppers, Fish under salt, and Lemon Cake. The list I mentioned were only a few of tons of recipes we created during this class

Lucia is a great Chef, and a wonderful humble teacher who is filled with knowledge! If you are interested in cooking in a beautiful location, with a group of smiling Italians then come to this class.

Below you will find a few photos that are some of the many dishes I prepared during class:

Stuffed Whole Fish

Stuffing for Salted Baked Fish

To get information to visit this school-

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