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The Art of Food Combining

True happiness is impossible without true health and true health is impossible without a rigid control of the palate.

-Mahatma Gandhi

Food combining is the process of orchestrating our meals in such a way as to keep our stomachs sound and happy. No one likes a grumbling stomach and bad diet choices can absolutely ruin a good day. Gas, indigestion, and acid reflux are all too common in the modern society. Drugs to solve these digestive problems are among the best sellers in pharmacies.

Protein digestion requires an acid medium, starch digestion requires alkaline enzymes, sugars like lactose require specific enzymes like lactase. Digestion is not just getting food in and out. It is the absorption and assimilation of nutrients for the construction and repair of cells and nourishment of the “whole” body. To achieve optimum digestion and good health, we need only to learn our limits and become more conscious of what we eat while we are eating it. Unfortunately, most of us spend so much time working that we forget our bodies and lose touch with what we put in them. Indigestion is a red flag. It tells us to slow down and watch what we are eating.

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