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Vegan Gluten Free Rosemary Walnut Bread



1 Packet rapid dry yeast

2 tsp Xanthan gum

1 C Tapioca Starch

2 C C24 Flour ( This is Gluten Free Flour )

1/2 C Chopped Walnuts

1/4 C Chopped Rosemary

1 Lemon ( Use Zest- which is the skin Grated)

Wet Ingredients:

1 1/4 C Warm water

1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar

3 Tb Olive Oil or Canola Oil

1 Tb Agave ( Be Generous if you want this bread a little sweeter

1 Tb Egg Re placer- Or Flax Egg see below for Directions


1- Pre-Heat Oven 400 Degrees on Bake

2- Coat a Baking Dish with Coconut Oil so it will not get stuck to the pan when it is done baking

3-Whisk all wet ingredients until frothy

4- Using a mixer, or a spoon mix in dry ingredients ( Mix so all ingredients are completely combined)

5- Put your mix into the well oiled baking dish and put into oven.

6- Bake for 35-45 Minutes on 400 Degrees Bake

Check to make sure the top of your Bread is Golden Brown and the middle is not still wet.

*Hint if you stick a knife or a tooth pick and it is still wet continue baking until you can stick the toothpick in without getting any gooey mix on it. *

** How to make a Flax Egg**

Here are the ratios just mix and you have your egg- easy as 1.2.3.

1/3 C Ground Flax Seeds

1 C Filtered Warm water

Enjoy- Be creative you can add Orange Zest, Dried Fruit, or any Herbs that you Love! Rosemary is my favorite.  Keep me posted on your exciting new creations !

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