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Summer 2013 Southern Italy Culinary Excursion

Summer of 2013 I decided to leave NYC (2 months) and travel to the South of Italy. My experience will stay with me a lifetime, and has made a very big impact on me and the way I express myself as a chef.

The best gift in my opinion I could ever give myself would be the gift of learning. As a professional chef traveling to the Mediterranean was a wonderful way for me to improve and also learn new techniques in the kitchen.

Before I take you all on a tour of my 2013 experience in various kitchens, I would like to thank each and everyone I met on my travels. Each chef I worked with in Italy has taught me techniques and ways of cooking I use today in my own practice. The culinary schools I attended were all very different, ranging from peoples homes to some of the best restaurants and celebrated chefs in the South of Italy.

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