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Food Sadhana

Make mealtime a sacred or honored event. Research indicated that you will maximize how you digest and assimilate food when you are relaxed. Sadhana, a Sanskrit word that means “practice,” can describe a spiritual practice or an ordinary activity that is undertaken mindfully or with a focused purpose. That purpose can be to get more nourishment from food or to spend quality time with loved ones. When you practice eating and preparing food slowly, carefully, and with intention, you are practicing food sadhana. When you eat alone, avoid computer screens, televisions, and books. Focus on the moment and savoring the flavor and texture of your food. When eating with others, don’t answer the phone or open a magazine. Perhaps spend the first five minutes with those at the table in silent appreciation of your meal. Slowing down and reducing stimulation from your environment during meals can help you digest more effectively and can contribute to a better spiritual and emotional connection with food.

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