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Eat Local

The world has a bounty of healing foods. Sometimes the best eats come close to home. Goji berries harvested from the Himalayas might make you live longer, but so could strawberries grown a few miles away from your doorstep. Easier on the pocketbook, local food is not only good for you, it’s kinder on the planet. Think of all the energy wasted away by the trucks, trains, and jet planes that travel thousands of miles to bring food to consumers. There is a bounty of healthy foods available from around the world, but eating primarily locally grown, seasonally produced foods has other benefits for your health. The food is usually fresher, and in some ancient healing traditions, the food grown in the environment new where you live has greater balancing and healing effect than food cultivated far away. Look for “locally grown” signs at the supermarket, or shop at farmers markets for the freshest local foods. Even better, grown your own food. Front or backyard and even container gardens can yield a delicious harvest of fresh herbs and produce.

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