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Fresh Wheatgrass Juice: “The Perfect Food”

Wheatgrass juice provides your body with an incomprehensible quantity of natural nourishment, and gears your entire system toward maximum strength and optimum health.It is an incredible source of energy, high quality vitamins, minerals, enzymes and protein for everyone from children to senior citizens. It helps increase a person’s stamina, build healthy blood, cleanse the whole system, aid digestion, make bowel movements regular, reduce cravings for addictive substances, and improve fertility.

Juice bars everywhere serve fresh wheatgrass in one-ounce “power shots,” and it can be found fresh or frozen though out health food stores all over NY.

Did you know?

If you woke up to just one ounce of fresh wheatgrass juice in place of a cup of coffee, you would derive the same benefit as eating a two-pound green salad!

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